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Write an Application

Application / Letter Writing

                     Application or Letter Writing mean someone write or apply or requested to other one. Applicant apply in written format to their Superintend in their Office / Senior Official / Teacher / Principal / Local Authority / MLA / MP / Minister / Ministerial Office / Office / School / College / University. Applications or Letter divided into two part – one is by paper format and other one Electric Medium. We can sent or give by those medium – by hand, through Post Office, Curious other medium – those medium are called paper written application and other medium E-application or E-Letter.  E-Application sends through electric media like Computer or Mobile or other electric medium in form it can be called E-Mail.

Here we discuss various type of Application or Letter writing are as follows :-

Leave Application for Office :-

                   Leave application for office means brake from office duty or responsibility for some period or day or time. Leave Application are various type are as follows :-

1.    Annual leave application :-
                        A employee need long time leave, it means a year or over the year the employee count not attend the office. The employee request to employer for leave. This application called Annual Leave Application.

2.     Maternity leave application :-
                        When the female worker are pregnant and she is about to have or has just had a baby. In this period the woman worker need brake or leave from office work or responsibly. The woman applicant write a leave application and mention this cause. According to Govt. of India a Govt. Woman Employee take maximum 6 Month Maternity Leave total period before and after Delivery.

          Casual leave application :- 
                      Casual Leave Application employee give his employer for casual or emergency leave upto 3 day. Any emergency or medical one day absent from office or work the employer count it as a Causal Leave Application. Sometime if Employee come office in late, the employer count as a Casual Leave.

       Sick leave application (Illness) :- 
                       If an employee unable to attend office today or long time cause his / her sick or illness. If it is one day then he /she apply for give application for one day. If he /she need more day leave then he / she need to give a Leave application with  proper Doctor Prescription with regular doctor. This type of leave application called Sick Leave Application.

 Leave application due to the illness of a family member :-

                      In India all child take care of his / her  parents and if your parents are ill or any of your family member than you apply for leave and cause for leave illness of a family member is called Leave application due to the illness of a family.

      Leave application due to death in the family:- 
                       You pray leave from office or institute, if anyone of your family member expired this application called Leave application due to death in the family.

 Vacation leave application :-

                           Vacation Leave application is means that vacation leave. If your son / doughtier read in school, they get summer vacation holiday in this time you plan a trip to other place and you need leave from office or institute. The leave called Vacation Leave Application.

 One-day leave application :-  
                         One day leave application the employee apply or request for one day leave or vacation. Its also call Causal Leave application. One-day leave also use for personal cause or any other cause.

      Half-day leave application :-
                            If the employee work half day in office and suddenly he / she get  sick or any problem occurred or illness that time employee give a application this called Half-day leave application.

                        Click here for more types of Application with Example or types of Application / Letter Writing are available here. You can find also Microsoft Office Word file with easily Edit and Printout.

Here some example show below, that also downloaded and can easily edit and print out.

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