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School Project

                 Here We Discus various type of school project work given by School to every student. But the reality who done this project work "Student" or "Students' Father or Mother"! In reality student did not work their home work. Every student or Students' Father / Mother search their topics on Google. Everyone tries to find easily on Internet.

                Friends, here we discuss or give you shortcut all needs in Project work. I am giving you all types of Certificate. Friend a complete Project file include:- 
1.   Cover page
2.   Certificate (From Head of the Institute)
3.   Certificate (From concern department) if any
4.   Declaration
5.   Content / Index
6.   Acknowledgement
7.  Introduction about project
8.  Introduction about topics (if any)
9.  Project Description
10. Conclusion
11. Bibliography.

                 Good or smart project includes all of those topics. A good or smart looking cover page may introduce about the project and making style of the Student, this is the 1st impression impact on administrator or instructor. Make a good project is very easy, just you look that all of point are include in a project file and the main part that chose of topics or selected topics information. Dear Student, it is very easy to find specific topic information on internet, just read carefully. Famous website Google and Wikipedia you find your topic information easily with your language. Wikipedia get us information with various language. And other certificate, Acknowledgement we give in follows with Microsoft Office Words 2007 (Docx) file, that you can edit easily. Following are the example of Cover page with Microsoft Office Words 2007 (Docx) download file :-

Project Certificate issued by Head of the School / College / Institute for particular student or group of student for preparation of project under their supervision. Here we give you shortcut link various types of Certificate. You can download it easy and edit it. Here as follows :-

3.   Certificate (From concern department) :- If project work done under supervise or subject teacher or any other  except Head of the Institute. Then the student need certify from that particular person. Here we give you some example of Certificate from Teacher / Concern Department or Head of the Department (HOD) are as follows :- 

4.   Declaration :- Declaration, student declare that the particular project done him / her with his effort and self made. 
5.   Content / Index :- List of all top pages or Topic. Here you can seen some example are as below :-
6.   Acknowledgement :- 
7.  Introduction about project :- Here are the most important that, you must share or write some thing about project. Introduction about project it means that it introduce your whole project in short paragraph. Here, all major point of project or discuss in project  major tropics in Introduction Page.
8.  Introduction about topics (if any) :- If you make project on special tropics or subject, that you write some line or a paragraph. In this paragraph you discuss the important or function or needs of this tropics or subject. 
9.  Project Description :- A small Description about project like its needs, function, important, social impact all point cover in this head. The number of line or paragraph or pages depend on Project Marks or stander of Project. Ideal a project made from Class I upto complete the study. All various stages of education we need to produce a Project work in every year every classes differently. 
10. Conclusion :- Conclusion means that your project work are completed. And in this page you discuss about story that you travel to make this project or you efficiency. You also can discuss that your help from other. or Internet like this.
11. Bibliography. :- Bibliography means reference or refer other Author or book. In this page you can discuss about, which Author's book or book you follow to make this project. Under this page you clearly mention book name page numbers.

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